KLAB Private Limited

KLAB Synthesis is part of Avra Group of companies started by Dr. A. V. Rama Rao

Increasing number of international pharmaceutical majors are outsourcing their contract research and custom synthesis work to various companies in India. Availability of quality organic and inorganic chemicals for research is a major constraint facing the Indian chemists working in various R&D organizations.

Avra Synthesis offers a wide range of Fine chemicals and solvents of Laboratory Reagent(LR) Grade catering to the requirement of various organizations involved in research and contract manufacturing.

Avra Synthesis catalogue has been put together by expert chemists. The catalogue comprises of speciality compounds required of research and development activity in the field of synthetic organic chemistry.

Quality of inputs is paramount in research work. Avra Synthesis ensures quality in all facets of handling the product. Avra has state of the art quality control instruments including GC, HPLC, NMR, GC-MS to ensure that all input raw materials are tested as per standard test methods prior to accepting them. Quality is ensured in choice of packing material, methods of packing and storing these goods. We ensure that the customer receives the goods in the right quality and ready to use condition.

We offer these products through agents / dealers located all over the country. Contact our sales department to locate your nearest dealer/ agent.